A challenge that demands to be conquered

Vertical Up Kitzbühel on the legendary Streif

The Streif ski slope in Kitzbühel is no longer just a venue for ski races. Year after year, it attracts athletes and adventure-seekers from all over the world to take on the ultimate challenge—the Vertical Up Kitzbühel. This unique event transforms the steep downhill piste into a vertical ascent that not only tests participants’ physical fitness, but also their courage and stamina. Guests of Schloss Mittersill really appreciate the close proximity to the Kitzbühel Alps and the Vertical Up on the Streif for their whole vacation.

The steepest challenge

Notorious for its extreme gradients and challenging passages, the best skiers in the world usually race down the slope to secure the prestigious Streif victory. At the Vertical Up Kitzbühel, however, the tables are turned. Participants venture onto the slope to climb it in the truest sense of the word.

The ascent: a physical and mental challenge

The steep ascent requires not only excellent physical condition, but also mental strength and stamina. The thinner air at higher altitudes really tests the participants as they fight their way uphill, foot by foot. Despite the individual efforts, there is a special atmosphere at the Vertical Up Kitzbühel. Participants support and motivate each other and share their enthusiasm for the challenge. Those who conquer the course have not only conquered the mountain, but also overcome their own limits.

The reward: breathtaking views over Kitzbühel

The peak of the effort is not just metaphorical. Participants of the Vertical Up Kitzbühel are rewarded at the end with spectacular panoramic views over Kitzbühel and the surrounding mountain landscape. The view from the top is both a physical and emotional reward for conquering the steep slopes.

Become part of this extraordinary event

Would you like to take on this unique challenge and experience the Streif from a whole new perspective? You can book your starting place at www.vertical-up.com until 17 January 2024. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Kitzbühel Alps from a whole new perspective—as a participant or as a spectator. Schloss Mittersill is located in the immediate vicinity of the impressive KitzSki ski area, with the Streif slope as the undisputed highlight. We look forward to welcoming you in winter!

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