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Incentives for corporate events in Mittersill

Schloss Mittersill, a gem in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern, is much more than just a historical backdrop. It not only offers an idyllic retreat, but also the perfect setting for corporate events with a touch of elegance and exclusivity. Here are some unique incentives for corporate events that make Schloss Mittersill an unforgettable venue for companies.

Loungebereich Hotel Schloss Mittersill

1. Exclusive castle tours and historical insights

Start your corporate event with an exclusive guided tour of the magnificent rooms of Schloss Mittersill. Let your employees or business partners immerse themselves in the rich history of the castle and discover the fascinating stories hidden behind the ancient walls. This historical journey creates a special atmosphere and strengthens the sense of community.

Winter Incentives in Mittersill

2. Teambuilding activities in the Alpine idyll

The breathtaking alpine landscape around Schloss Mittersill provides the perfect backdrop for tailor-made teambuilding activities. From outdoor adventures such as mountain hikes, golfing, or biking in summer, to skiing and tobogganing excursions, snowshoeing, and much more in winter, to indoor challenges such as teambuilding workshops—the possibilities are endless. These activities not only promote team spirit, but also provide an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the surroundings.



Gewölbekeller Schloss Mittersill

3. Great cuisine for gourmets

The culinary experiences at Hotel Schloss Mittersill are just as exquisite as the surroundings. You can organize wine tastings, gourmet dinners, or cooking courses as an incentive for your company event. Delight in the castle’s award-winning cuisine and discover the delicacies of the Austrian and Pinzgau cuisine. The combination of fantastic cuisine and a special ambience leads to unforgettable experiences, strengthening the bonds between participants. After all, what could be better than cozy evenings by the fireplace, a glass of red wine, and long, intense conversations!


Seminarraum - Sport- und Shootingclub

4. Inspiring conference rooms with panoramic views

Schloss Mittersill not only offers historical splendor, but also modern conference facilities. Use our inspiring conference rooms—with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains—to hold productive meetings and presentations. The venue’s unique atmosphere fosters creativity and innovation. In summer, the castle hotel also offers the chance to hold meetings or group work in the fresh, healthy nature. The castle has many little corners to relax in, both indoors and outdoors.


Tip: Exclusive elegance for your unforgettable corporate event

Discover the incomparable elegance of Hotel Schloss Mittersill by taking advantage of the unique opportunity to reserve the entire property exclusively for your corporate event. Immerse yourself in the luxurious charm of this historic castle hotel, surrounded by the majestic Alps. This exclusive booking option offers you that little bit of extra privacy, as well as the opportunity to design the entire ambience just the way you like, and turn your event into a truly individual experience. From historic rooms to modern conference halls—you can use every corner of the castle hotel to welcome your guests in an exclusive atmosphere. Create unforgettable memories by booking the entire Hotel Schloss Mittersill exclusively for your event.

Conclusion: Schloss Mittersill – a venue for unforgettable corporate events

Schloss Mittersill combines history, nature, and luxury for a unique event location for companies. The combination of exclusive incentives, breathtaking surroundings, and modern amenities makes Hotel Schloss Mittersill a place where corporate events become unforgettable experiences.

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