Running & hiking paradise National Park Hohe Tauern

Hiking and running in Mittersill around the castle

It’s finally vacation time! Time to relax, do something good for yourself, time for yourself and your loved ones. What’s the perfect start for your vacation day? With the sun shining through the window in the morning, there’s nothing better for many than heading out into nature. There are several running routes around Mittersill as well as trail running tours for passionate runners in the Schloss Mittersill region. Even hikers will find what they’re looking for.


Running trails in Mittersill in the valley and on the mountain

The Schlossrundweg starts directly at the castle. It is very accessible and perfect for an activating morning run. Blossoming gardens and the idyllically located estate encourage you to take a break. The panoramic views of the still slightly snow-covered summits of the Hohe Tauern mountains opposite and the striking side valleys of the Salzach Valley create picture-perfect photo motifs.

There’s also plenty for hobby runners and true athletes in the valley around the national park capital of Mittersill. Running along the Salzach river, past the beautifully situated Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden golf course, feels wonderful – no surprise with that view. It’s even better from the pavilion at the Wasenmoos high moor, though you’ll have to cover several altitude meters. Find many a peculiarity on the running trails near Mittersil, two to ten kilometers in length. The high moor is also ideally suited for an easy hike with children. Exploring rare plants or animals is a genuine experience. Games, a path for the senses, birdhouses, and a humid biotope await explorers of all ages.

Hello, beautiful day

The great thing about running and walking is that you can do it everywhere and at any time, so put on your sportswear, tie your running shoes, grab your sunglasses, and take off. Explore the surroundings of your holiday residence while (Nordic) walking, hiking, or jogging – National Park Hohe Tauern offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. Leave the daily hassle behind and feel the tranquility. Breathing in fresh, clean air and unwinding – running and hiking through fragrant forests and blossoming meadows will certainly help you.

Hiking in Mittersill

The Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden vacation region is simply unique. Embedded in the National Park Hohe Tauern and the gentle grass mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps, the location couldn’t be any better. Several 3,000 m peaks offer prime conditions for high-alpine hiking. Easy to challenging hiking trails around Mittersill lead to lush alps and genuine summit adventures. Still, the region around Schloss Mittersill also has a lot to offer for relaxed walks. Furthermore, you can learn plenty of interesting things about nature and the habitat on varied themed hiking trails.

Breakfast in sight

Where were we … oh yes, exploring the close castle proximity on the Schlossrundweg. You will return to the castle’ garden gate – which is always in sight, by the way – after about 30 minutes. Maybe a refreshing swim in the pool … and you can look forward to the lordly castle breakfast – a genuine treat for all the senses. Fragrant bread rolls, homemade spreads and marmalades, organic eggs of every variety and much more await you. You absolutely must try the castle muesli, made to a secret recipe – also available gluten-free … and mixed berry and fresh fruits with it … divine.

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