Experience Easter and Easter traditions in Austria

Traditions, great skiing, and the magic of spring at Hotel Schloss Mittersill

Easter in the province of Salzburg is a time full of traditions, cheerfulness, and a spring atmosphere—especially in the Pinzgau region, nestled in the majestic Alps. Hotel Schloss Mittersill offers a unique backdrop to experience the most beautiful Easter traditions in Austria during this festive season.

The best Easter traditions in Salzburg, Austria

Palm Sunday in Mittersill’s parish church

Salzburg’s churches hold a festive mass on Palm Sunday. The faithful bring their palm bushes, which are consecrated during the mass.

These consecrated palm bushes symbolize the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and are traditionally kept in homes.

Easter markets and crafts

The Pinzgau region becomes even more colorful around Easter and attracts visitors to its numerous Easter markets.

Guests can admire handmade works of art, sample local delicacies, and immerse themselves in the unique craftsmanship of the region.

Painting Easter eggs and the easter bonfires

An Easter tradition widespread throughout Austria is the painting of Easter eggs. Many families use the days leading up to the festivities to dye and decorate eggs together. The methods range from using natural dyes, such as onion skins, beets, blueberries, and turmeric, to chemical dyes.

The brightly colored eggs are then presented in baskets or on festively decorated tables and often serve as lovingly made gifts for family and friends.

The tradition of the Easter bonfire is particularly strong in the province of Salzburg. Festive fires are often lit near Mittersill, providing warmth and offering a spectacular experience.

Easter walk through the nature

Salzburg comes to life in spring and an Easter walk through the picturesque scenery will bring you closer to the stunning nature.

Enjoy the blooming meadows, the clear air, and the majestic backdrop of the Alps.

Easter Cuisine: Traditions on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

The Easter season heralds festive customs and delicious culinary traditions. Green takes center stage on Maundy Thursday—eating something green is customary. This can range from fresh spinach to refreshing salads, thereby welcoming spring.

Good Friday, on the other hand, is characterized by the avoidance of meat, with fish becoming the main attraction. Many families enjoy traditional fish dishes on this day, whether fried, grilled, or in various other delicious preparations.

Baking Easter lambs is a sweet tradition that brings the joy of Easter into the kitchen. Easter lambs made from delicate sponge or fluffy yeast dough are carefully shaped, baked, and then festively decorated. They are not only a delicious treat, but also an affectionate symbol of the festive Easter season that belongs on the table for breakfast or brunch.

The lamb dish is a symbol of the delicious Easter culinary traditions of Austria. The tender and flavorful quality of lamb makes it a popular choice for festive Easter meals. Whether a succulent roast lamb, a delicious leg of lamb, or other sophisticated preparations, Easter lamb is a real highlight that immerses the table in a festive atmosphere.

Experiences at Hotel Schloss Mittersill

Easter menu at the castle restaurant

Treat yourself to a festive Easter menu at Hotel Schloss Mittersill. Culinary traditions from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday are transformed into grandiose dishes in the castle kitchen.

Enjoy regional specialties and traditional Easter dishes in a stylish atmosphere over Easter.

Head chef Benjamin Jochum has his recipes for you to try: Brown trout strudel

Easter egg hunt in the castle garden

The hotel organizes an entertaining Easter egg hunt in the idyllic castle garden for our younger guests. Children can search for colorful eggs while enjoying the fresh spring air.

Easter on the ski slopes

The KitzSki region (voted the world’s best ski region), a mere five minutes from the hotel, invites you to enjoy perfect sunny skiing at Easter. Use the convenient hotel shuttle to reach the slopes and experience unforgettable skiing amidst the impressive mountain scenery.

Hotel Schloss Mittersill offers luxurious accommodation and a unique opportunity to experience Austria’s Easter traditions at their very best. Immerse yourself in the traditional Easter customs of the Pinzgau region, explore the picturesque surroundings, enjoy fantastic skiing, and experience the festive atmosphere of this special time of year. Easter is an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps.

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