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Swim & Relax during a Wellness Holiday in Mittersill

Find Nature & Relaxation in Spa Hotel Schloss Mittersill 

The castle above Mittersill is where you will see a breathtaking, natural backdrop open up with an indescribable panoramic view of the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern mountains. Intelligently harmonising with the surrounding Alps, the luxurious castle allows relaxation seekers, connoisseurs, and health and sports enthusiasts to enjoy nature as well as luxurious amenities during a special spa holiday in Mittersill. Our castle’s spa is entirely committed to promoting your health and energy, and this is complemented by its unique mountainous landscape.

The spa’s staff is focused on holistic well-being with tailor-made treatment methods, first-class cosmetic products, and the ambience of historical elements combined with modern pieces. Prepare to be re-energised during your time in the mountains and stunning nature. You will be in magnificent, Alpine surroundings, where you will encounter a world of water, steam, and soothing scents, enhanced by natural minerals. Come and encounter this extraordinary, soothing experience during your wellness holiday in Mittersill.

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Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in our outdoor swimming pool, which is heated all throughout the year, and swim away from all the stress and worries during your spa vacation in Mittersill. The direct view of the surrounding mountains will offer previously unimaginable insights. Depending on the season, you may experience the sunset glow while swimming in the pleasantly heated outdoor pool. You may also swim your laps in the morning fog as it mystically passes you and is replaced by the sun. In the winter you will be able to swim while seeing the peaks of our 3000-meter mountains and the panoramic landscape glistening in white - simply mesmerizing!

In the castle’s swimming pool you can comfortably swim outside in the fresh air all throughout the year. Depending on the season, the water will have 28 to 32 degrees Celsius (82 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit).


Spa Gardens

The view from wellness hotel Schloss Mittersill’s spa gardens is spectacular all throughout the year, displaying the most magnificent and different colors. Treat yourself to a break, feel the sensation of the sun on your skin, experience the outdoor freedom, feel the tranquility of the surrounding mountains, and let the variety of nature impact you. Watch the sunset, which lights up the mountains, sometimes with “powder sugared” mountain peaks in every season. Let yourself feel contentment and enjoyment during your spa holiday in our castle, and treat yourself to a stay at Schloss Mittersill.


Schloss Mittersill

Satisfaction and well-being are crucial cornerstones of your everyday life. You will find the fresh mountain air around Schloss Mittersill will enable you to switch off, meditate, and decelerate. Whether you want to be active in the mountains or enjoy exploring the smaller, perpendicular valleys, the healthy mountain air, targeted exercise and lots of outdoor activity will make the spa holiday in Mittersill a cure for body, mind, and soul.

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Schloss Mittersill
Castle Grounds

During your spa holiday in Mittersill, you will not only get to know the exterior of Schloss Mittersill, but also the surrounding nature and mountains during a castle hike. What are the names of the surrounding mountain peaks? What is the best hiking trail? Which secret spots and places can be discovered? This and much more will be revealed to you by our wonderful castle team.

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Schloss Mittersill

Spa Rituals

Rest and relaxation are two of the pillars of your stay. This will not merely be accomplished by the castle’s spa: your entire holiday is all about wellness and well-being. Spa rituals cleanse the mind and soul, relying on reviving old traditions. The castle’s hood kitchen with its emphasis on creating soothing, culinary delicacies represents a traditional and healthy cuisine, from breakfast to dinner.

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What makes a mountain holiday so good for you?

Mental health is encouraged by inner relaxation and satisfaction. Our mind and body are so interconnected that a conscious break and mental relaxation are essential for our well-being and our health. Our castle’s wellness programme in the mountains does not only take place in the spa area, but also in the great outdoors. Let the silence of nature, the view into the distance and the mountains, as well as the seclusion and solitude help you escape the stresses of everyday life. Deceleration is one of our magic words for a better mental health and balance - and this is what you will find during your spa holiday in Mittersill in the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern.

  1. Mountain air supports weight loss: living at a higher altitude makes the appetite drop, while increasing the metabolism--even without extra movement.
  2. At a higher altitude, the body produces more red blood cells which can also carry more oxygen. This means that more oxygen can be better delivered to the cells.
  3. Physical activity reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. When exercising in nature, blood pressure drops more than in confined spaces.
  4. Those who have a high cholesterol and bad lipid levels can counteract this wonderfully with exercise.
  5. Exercise is also mood-enhancing and an preventative measure against burnout.
  6. Being surrounded by greenery and nature is proven to reduce stress.
  7. The immune system is strengthened and diseases are combated with greater ease.  
  8. Depending on the terrain, a person’s coordination and fitness will also improve by exercising in the mountains.
  9. The hours of sun in the winter months, which are in fact much brighter due to the whiteness of the snow produce more vitamin D and contribute greatly to health and happiness.


You want to stay active during your holiday? Take advantage of our gym on the first floor of the hotel and schedule your workout according to your needs. In addition to smaller equipment, such as resistance bands and dumbbells, we have a modern crosstrainer, a treadmill, and spinning bikes available for you. For running enthusiasts, the area around the castle offers plenty of opportunities for an exhilarating run in nature. Our reception staff will be happy to advise you on this in person.

Wellness Outdoor Highlights

  • Spa gardens
  • Castle gardens
  • Meadows
  • Battlement and tower
  • Castle chapel
  • Neidhäusl cottage
  • Great locations for rest
  • Places of rejuvenation
  • Children’s playground (coming soon)
  • Fitness obstacle course (coming soon)
  • Kneipp path (coming soon)
  • Herbal garden

Holistic & Healthy Rituals at Schloss Mittersill

The castle’s spa blends in seamlessly with the existing, stately walls of the castle. Parts of the historical outer wall are integrated into the spa area and form a unique facade in the relaxation rooms, as well as in the infrared cabin. You can learn more about the historical development of the current spa and experience its uniqueness during a spa tour on a spa holiday in Mittersill.


Herbs have always played a major role in the Pinzgau cuisine, most likely due to a large natural variety in the valley and in the mountains. Our restaurant is not the only place in the castle which finds many purposes for herbs: our spa frequently makes use of their healing and soothing powers. Depending on the season and the weekly entertainment programme, we take our guests on a tour of our herb garden and showcase ways to make herbs into personal products: the production of salts, scrubs, and ointments from our domestic products is then on the agenda. Let yourself be surprised by the result.


Since time immemorial, the people in this region know cleanse rituals with smoke, which we have continued in the castle and especially in our spa area. Often one associates this ritual only with Twelfth Night (5th January), but it holds more importance than that… Immerse yourself in the world of our local herbs and resins and be inspired by their diverse fragrances. Our smoke rituals are advertised in the castle’s weekly entertainment during your wellness holiday in Mittersill.

Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill

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