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Your Hotel with Spa Treatments for Deep Relaxation

Spa Treatments at Schloss Mittersill

Our expert spa team will pamper you with a variety of facials, body treatments, and massages, catering to your individual needs of those seeking relaxation. Our hotel with spa treatments uses products from the high-quality care range from SOTHYS Paris. Herbs from the local region are used in exfoliants and massages, and create a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Schloss Mittersill

Massages are a treat for both body and mind. For many centuries now, the benefits of the massage have been appreciated. Massages not only relax the muscles and improve circulation but also can enable complete physical and mental relaxation. This is crucial in today’s hectic everyday schedules. We will pamper you on your holiday with massages that are 100% tailored to your needs. Experience our unique treatments, and immerse yourself in the deep relaxation that awaits you.

Schloss Mittersill
CosmeticsOur face is the mirror of the soul. This is why our treatments focus on intensive care of the face, neck, and neckline, but above all on your general well-being. Each treatment is preceded by a conversation with the beautician, so that your face will receive the most necessary and complementary care. We invite you to experience how our beautician almost magically clears your head and gives your skin a luminous glow. Step into our spa, turn off your busy thoughts, slow down, and let us pamper you--connecting body and mind in harmony.
Schloss Mittersill

A body scrub is not only a wonderful gift for our skin, letting it rest and breathe, but is also a part of general body care, as peelings exfoliates old and dead skill cells. Additionally, the skin receives better blood circulation due to the exfoliation, which gives it a fresh and luminous appearance. We recommend the body scrub in combination with a subsequent massage or beauty treatment. Give your body a break and be rewarded with a velvety soft skin--only increasing your sense of well-being.

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Spa Treatments for Children & Youth

Schloss Mittersill’s spa welcomes children accompanied by their parents in the spa gardens as well as in the pool area and relaxation rooms. We have bathrobes and slippers in smaller sizes, which will equip them ideally for the spa area.



Private Sauna

2 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna & Relaxation Room
EUR 50,00
2 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna, Relaxation Room, Glass of Prosecco & Snacks
EUR 75,00
3 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna, Relaxation Room, Glass of Prosecco & Snacks
EUR 100,00

Spa Early Check-in / Late Check-out

For a small extra charge, Schloss Mittersill’s spa and our spa treatments can be offered for even longer.

  • Spa Early Check-in: € 10, - per person
  • Spa Late Check-out: € 10, - per person

A Castle Day Spa

Spend a soothing day in our spa, relaxing in the entire wellness area, and enjoying our coffee and cake.

Included: treatment voucher worth EUR 30 per person.

Price: EUR 60 per person

Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill

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