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Schloss Mittersill’s Spa Hotel near Kitzbühel

Wellness with History

Embraced by the historic castle walls, the luxurious spa in Schloss Mittersill welcomes its guests with a stately ambience. The high-class comfort factor is provided by noble, velvet-covered armchairs, earthy tones, and natural materials. One of its special highlights is the heated outdoor pool, which invites you to take a swim all throughout the year -- while enjoying the most spectacular view. The spa area with an organic sauna,

Finnish outdoor sauna, infrared cabin, and salt steam room guarantees pure relaxation. In the various relaxation rooms of the castle’s spa the large glass windows offer an impressive view of the Kitzbühel mountains. In the summer, let your soul regain balance and energy in our large, green wellness area: the spa gardens.

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Spa's Opening Times

Winter Times
Swimming Pool: 7am-9am, 3pm-8pm
Sauna: 12pm-8pm
Outdoor Sauna: 3pm-8pm


Summer Times
Swimming Pool: 7am-8pm
Sauna: 12pm-8pm
Outdoor Sauna: 3pm/4pm-8pm


Spa Treatments: by appointment
Private sauna: upon reservation


You want to stay active during your holiday? Take advantage of our gym on the first floor of the hotel and schedule your workout according to your needs. In addition to smaller equipment, such as resistance bands and dumbbells, we have a modern crosstrainer, a treadmill, and spinning bikes available for you. For running enthusiasts, the area around the castle offers plenty of opportunities for an exhilarating run in nature. Our reception staff will be happy to advise you on this in person.

Private Spa

2 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna & Relaxation Room
EUR 50,00
2 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna, Relaxation Room, Glass of Prosecco & Snacks
EUR 75,00
3 Hours for 2 Guests: Private Sauna, Relaxation Room, Glass of Prosecco & Snacks
EUR 100,00

Spa Early Check-in / Late Check-out

For a small extra charge, Schloss Mittersill’s spa and our spa treatments can be offered for even longer.

  • Spa Early Check-in: € 10, - per person
  • Spa Late Check-out: € 10, - per person


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Schloss Mittersill

Infrared cabin

A visit to our infrared cabin will be a treat for your body and mind. The pleasant warmth will make you relax instantly, while also enhancing your health: it helps prevent colds, helps with tension, rheumatism, lower back pain, headaches, joint problems, and muscle aches. Likewise, the warmth of our infrared cabin will spread a feeling of complete well-being throughout the entire body. Given the many health benefits, it may also be worthwhile to book one of our hotel suites in Schloss Mittersill near Kitzbühel, which all have private infrared cabins, ensuring your complete privacy within four walls. 



Schloss Mittersill
Panoramic Relaxation Rooms

The view of our Salzach valley and the surrounding mountains is relaxing--almost healing. We invite you to experience this for yourself in our various panoramic relaxation rooms in the spa hotel near Kitzbühel. Let yourself be captivated by the stunning view of the mountain peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern. The harmonious landscape design will help you to let go of your worries, breathe, and relax. We love providing things that are good for the body in our spa. Take a break from everyday life, let your thoughts run wild, and just stare into the distance - that's a luxurious experience you will only be able to experience at a spa holiday in Mittersill.

Schloss Mittersill
Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in the wet blue of our outdoor pool throughout the whole year, and when you first arrive, revel in the view of our 3,000-meter mountains. Welcome to your castle holiday in the spa hotel near Kitzbühel! Savour the sun in the spa gardens, let your gaze wander into the distance and let your thoughts and dreams run freely - simply do nothing, because why not? Enjoy taking time for yourself --  rest and recharge your batteries, because it is your vacation! You will have plenty of opportunities to do so not only in our castle’s spa, but also in the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps and Hohe Tauern mountains.

Schloss Mittersill

Finnish Outdoor Sauna

You will find a wooden hut in the spa gardens of Schloss Mittersill: our Finnish outdoor sauna. At 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit) you will sweat profusely, thereby removing toxins from your body and stimulating your metabolism. This is also known to be wonderful for your skin.


Schloss Mittersill
Salt Steam Room

The 50-degree Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) salt steam room is particularly beneficial for respiratory tracts and vocal cords. Especially if you are suffering from a cold or respiratory illness, a salt steam bath is wonderfully rejuvenating. The warm salt vapors in the sauna have a healing effect especially on the throat, nose, mouth area, and lungs.

Schloss Mittersill
Organic Sauna

Thanks to its mild temperature, the 60 degree Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) organic sauna is perfect for sauna beginners. It has a calming, relaxing effect by lowering the heart rate. Unwind with a pleasant sweat bath, enjoy the panoramic view, regain your strength, and recharge your energy for everyday life.

Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill
Schloss Mittersill

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