The most beautiful places in Schloss Mittersill

Fascinating hidden gems at your luxury castle hotel

The special places are those that immerse our present in the dreams of bygone times. Feel the castle walls whisper their stories to you, and let the special fascination of these places affect you in the luxury castle hotel, Schloss Mittersill.

First floor

A bygone era

The foyer on the first floor is part of the ‘original’ Schloss Mittersill. It particularly impresses with its furniture from the early 19th century. The niches have stunning views of the surrounding mountains, inviting you to linger and dream. The first floor is an ideal photo motif and serves as an incomparable backdrop for photo shoots, especially for weddings and special celebrations.

The foyer leads to special suites, such as the bridal suite of Queen Juliana. The Dutch queen spent her honeymoon at Schloss Mittersill in February 1937 with her new husband, Prince Bernhard. You can also access the tower suite (‘Turmsuite’), our fairytale suite. It is located in the castle tower and has direct access to the panoramic terrace of our luxury castle hotel.

First floor

Battlements & fortified tower

15th century fortifications

The fortified tower and battlements are part of the west wing of the castle and date back to the 15th century. They were used to guard the castle and you can still see some of the shooting holes in the walls.

The battlements are located directly above the chapel and offer wonderful views of Salzburg’s Upper Pinzgau region and the surrounding mountains of the Hohe Tauern. Come away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the silence, and linger for a moment. In the evening we like to appreciate these historical features with an aperitif after one of our castle tours, because who doesn’t enjoy ending an evening with a delightful drink, a contemplative atmosphere, and breathtaking views of the surroundings?

Battlements & fortified tower

Arch cellar

Fascinating masonry

A place for delightful evenings or a special glass of wine – you will certainly want to linger here a little longer. Historic arches, an open fireplace, a large table with a heavy top – all conducive to an inviting atmosphere that produces hearty laughter, good conversations, and special moments, such as celebrations, marriage proposals, or other happy events!


Our arch cellar provides a unique setting for family events or smaller corporate parties, as well as other special occasions. We regularly organize culinary evenings here, such as gourmet events or wine tastings.

It is also a special place to host a wine tasting with one of our sommeliers as a seminar highlight at Hotel Schloss Mittersill.

Arch cellar

Gewölbekeller Schloss Mittersill

Castle chapel

 Built in 1533

After the massive damage done to the castle during the Peasants’ Revolt in Pinzgau in 1525/26, the chapel was built in the southwest tower of Schloss Mittersill. The castle’s chapel is the oldest chapel building in Mittersill, and was built in 1533 after the castle was renovated. The year 1533 and the coat of arms of the Archbishop of Salzburg and Cardinal Matthäus Lang can be seen on the chapel ceiling above the door. The chapel room is in late Gothic style, noticeable in the pointed arch windows made with a fine cement casting, and the Gothic wooden altar.


It was lovingly restored and is now an ideal location for church or non-traditional wedding ceremonies for up to 70 people.

Castle chapel

Witch’s cellar

Mystical and historical

The 15th century saw many witch trials throughout Austria and Europe. Unfortunately, Schloss Mittersill was no exception. Unpopular and disgraced women were accused of causing natural disasters by means of witchcraft. The accused were placed in the castle’s ‘Hexenkeller’ until their trial. They would be put in a cage attached to the ceiling, so they had no way of touching the ground, from which they supposedly sourced their magical powers. People believed that witches’ contact with the ground resulted in disasters such as bad weather and epidemics. Other dungeons, such as the ‘Messerturm’, were walled up in the 20th century.

Witch’s cellar

Glashaus & panoramic terrace

360° mountain & valley panoramic views

The Glashaus (‘glass house’) of our luxury castle hotel towers high above Mittersill, and is located above the gates with direct connection to the panoramic terrace. As such, it offers an impressive panoramic 360° view of the mountains of the Hohe Tauern and the Kitzbühel Alps.


You can enjoy the first rays of sunshine at this special place, connected to our restaurant, during your breakfast on the terrace, or while admiring the breathtaking sunset in the mountains during dinner.


The Glashaus is the perfect location for smaller parties of up to 14 people. Due to its unique location, it can only be used when the weather permits.

Glashaus & panoramic terrace

Castle garden

A peaceful and rejuvenating place
The castle gardens below our four-star superior luxury castle hotel are a place of tranquility and strength. The silence, greenery, flowers, and the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains of the Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühel Alps invite you to do yoga in the morning, or to simply stay and relax. If you are planning a picnic in the countryside for two, this is also the perfect place.

Wine cellar

Unique and special
Numerous high-quality wines and fine rarities from all over the world await your tasting in the historic 15th century wine cellar. Our restaurant manager loves to show our guests around the historic cellar rooms or, for small groups, organize wine tastings in the venerable vault.

Sun terrace

Breathtaking views
Our terrace is a place of peace and fascination. It is where you can see endless views of the Hohe Tauern mountains and the Kitzbühel Alps, as well as the Salzach valley. It is impressive - over and over again. Visit our sun terrace on the second floor - it is definitely worth it and should not be missed!

Our suggestion: enjoy the stunning sunset in silence with a glass of wine!

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