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A Romantic Winter Wedding in the Salzburg Region

Get married in a castle

You want a stunning wedding in winter wonderland? We will happily let your wish come true in our 4-star superior hotel Schloss Mittersill and will make your special day an incomparable experience! Winter is a beautifully romantic season, marked by the glitter of the snow in the winter sun, ice flowers at the window,

the sparkle of the stars, long evenings by candlelight and romantic nights at the warm fireplace. There is a contemplative magic during the winter when the whole region and all the mountains are wearing a white dress for your special day. It is an ideal backdrop for a dream wedding--just like in a fairytale.

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A Winter Fairytale in White

A winter wedding in Salzburg is wonderfully unique and provides an incomparable ambience for your celebration. The colder it is outside, the more beautiful and comfortable your celebration will be within the historic castle walls. Our castle will be decorated for the winter and the castle ambience, cozy warmth of the open fireplaces, and the fascinating view of the white mountains, will make your winter wedding incomparably beautiful.


Pure Romance

As a special highlight, we will arrange the reception of your guests in the castle courtyard, with romantically lit torches and candles. We will serve mulled wine, fruit punch, hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts and/or baked apples. Your winter fairytale will come true! Take advantage of the special opportunities and unique atmosphere that the winter months offer for your dream wedding at Schloss Mittersill.


Our Suggestion

The season before Christmas is the most romantic time of the year to say “I do” - with a decorated castle and a most special atmosphere, which permeates the entire castle event location - an insider tip for romantics.


Beautiful Ambience

Special Characteristics of a Winter Wedding

You will have the snow glitter outside and envelop the whole landscape in magical white. This beautiful scenery is particularly inviting for a special wedding celebration. You can snuggle up next to an open fireplace or watch the snow drifting outside.
Many have reservations about marrying in the winter, as it seems too cold for a wedding wardrobe. But make sure you know what you are missing--a winter wedding is absolutely magical and allows for a most special atmosphere for your celebration!

The highlights of a winter wedding includes a reception after the wedding with a backdrop of the breathtaking mountain scenery, with sparkly mountain peaks in the sun. Another is the possibility is to have your ceremony in the castle courtyard with romantically lit torches and candles--transforming your surroundings into an idyllic winter wonderland with limitless opportunities.

Benefits of a Winter Wedding

1: Marrying in the winter in the mountains is extraordinary!
In the summer, there are many weddings on consecutive or even the same weekends - possibly overrunning people’s summer plans. In the winter, your wedding will be unique and a very special experience for your family and friends, because how many winter weddings have you been to?


2: It is off-season for the wedding industry.
This is a very pragmatic point: wedding service providers are often booked out a year in advance from spring to autumn. In the winter, however, there are less requests and your favorite DJ, florist, and photographer may all be available without the long waiting time!


3: Most guests will have time.
Many people will go on vacation in the summer. In the winter, however, less of your family and friends will have plans to travel. Therefore, your guests will not have to save your date a year in advance--spontaneity is possible! Another bonus: your guests can combine coming to your wedding with a winter holiday in the mountains.


4: Unique wedding photos are guaranteed.
Some say that winter is more romantic than the summer: the open fireplaces, burning candles, glittering snow crystals, and white mountains towering into the sky. It will make for a most unique backdrop and a photo session that you will never forget.


5: You do not have to worry about the weather: it will be beautiful!
Summer weddings are always fraught with panic regarding the weather: Will it rain? You can easily ignore these questions in the winter. The weather in the winter will be cold and you can rest easy while planning your indoor wedding. 


6: Your honeymoon will be cheaper.
Do you want to go on a journey after your wedding? You will find guaranteed cheaper trips in the winter than in summer. You can also have the best of all seasons: celebrate your wedding in an idyllic winter atmosphere, then enjoy the warmth during your honeymoon - and relax. It doesn’t get better than that! 

Marrying in the season of Advent

A wedding before Christmas is pure romance! The whole family can come together for a winter wedding around the holidays.

The castle will be festively decorated with open fireplaces, burning candles, piano music and Christmas scent in the air. This most wonderful time of the year exudes a special atmosphere throughout the castle, giving your winter wedding a romantic feeling.