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Your Fairytale Wedding at Schloss Mittersill

Getting married in a castle

Your wedding can be as unique and magical as a fairytale! The 900-year-old castle Schloss Mittersill is a historical treasure located within a beautiful landscape of green meadows, forests and majestic mountains. Getting married at our castle allows for various wishes and expectations, whether you are envisioning a historical, noble room, a quaint chapel, or romantic castle gardens. At Schloss Mittersill, your wish is our command.




Saying “I do” in our Castle’s Chapel

Many couples will want to have their wedding ceremony in a church. Our chapel was constructed in 1525/26 and the first weddings date back to 1533. It is the oldest chapel in Mittersill. Above the door you can see the coat of arms of the archbishop of Salzburg and Cardinal Matthäus Lang.

The chapel room is stylistically late Gothic with the archbishop’s coat of arms painted on the ceiling, as well as the year 1533. Your wedding can be performed by a Roman Catholic priest or Lutheran pastor.


Civil Ceremony in Historical Castle

Whether you are religious or not, weddings in most continental European countries must first and foremost take place at city hall or with a civil registrar. It is the civil wedding that makes a marriage legally binding, although it has hereto been very common for couples to also have a church wedding.

In Austria, more and more couples are now choosing to merely opt for a civil wedding--either because they do not associated themselves with a denomination, Christianity or faith in general. If you are choosing to make your civil wedding your main event, it should be wonderfully festive and romantic. Tie the knot of life at the unique location Schloss Mittersill, emphasizing this special occasion and making it unforgettable.


Marriage Ceremony

Do you want a festive marriage ceremony in addition to the civil wedding, but you are not a member of a church denomination?

Our master of ceremony can marry you according to your beliefs and wishes! More and more couples are choosing to get married in less traditional and conventional ways, which they can customize to their individual tastes. You can choose your ideal location to say “I do”: a 16th century chapel, open-air in our castle gardens, or at the castle venue that best fits your expectations.


Important information regarding your ceremony

Catholic Wedding at St. Leonhard’s Church 

Likewise, you can choose from a catholic wedding ceremony for the parish church of St. Leonhard in Mittersill as well as the St. Nicholas church in Felben / Mittersill.


Parish Church of St Leonhard / Felberkirche to St Nicholas
Deputy Dean: Priest Adalbert Dlugopolsky
Monday-Friday, 8-11am
Tel: +43 (0) 65 62/62 35-3

Protestant Wedding at St. Anna’s Church

For those belonging to Protestant denominations, St. Anna’s Church in Mittersill is available, in addition to our castle chapel.


St Anna’s Church
Chairman Rev. Andreas Domby
Tel: +43 (0) 65 42/72 365

Civil Wedding in Mittersill

Municipality Mittersill

Tel: +43 (0) 65 62/62 36

Further information:

Marriage Ceremony

Do you want a festive wedding ceremony in addition to your civil wedding, but you are not members of any Christian denomination or faith group? Our castle’s chapel built in the 16th century, an open-air wedding in our castle gardens, or a ceremony in one of our historic castle venues are available for your special day!
Master of Ceremony
Mr. Leopold Augustin
Tel: + 43 (0) 699 191 492 94
2nd Tel: + 43 (0) 699 191 592 94