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Salzburg’s Customs, Traditions, and Winter Events

Winter traditions at and around Schloss Mittersill

Winter is a time to be spent with family and friends, to enjoy shared experiences, but also to seek the quiet and reflect. At Schloss Mittersill and amidst our picturesque surroundings, you can be a part of our many local winter customs and traditions. There is much to experience and see at our castle during the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year with all the pensive festivities and splendour.

Do you know about all the exciting events happening in the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Kitzbühel Alps during this special time? Would you like to experience the world-famous Hahnenkamm race up close? Your castle team has collected some great ideas and winter customs in Salzburg for you below.

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Christmas at Schloss Mittersill

Christmas time is time for family and friends - and what a great time to be at Schloss Mittersill! Spend those special moments in a unique location. Our 900-year-old walls do not only boast many old stories, but also a variety of ways to make your Christmas special this year. A customized programme and professional advice will make your holidays during this contemplative time an unforgettable event--thanks to the team at Schloss Mittersill. We are always happy to answer all your questions and requests, be it personally or over the phone. We will gladly inform you about our Christmas programme with typical, Salzburg winter customs, such as the Anklöckeln and the traditional devotion time. Merry Christmas!


New Year's Eve at Schloss Mittersill

It is time to review the year and time for something new--time for make room for 2020 and time to be at Schloss Mittersill. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with something out of the ordinary, with something you will be sharing for a long time. Immerse yourself in the glamorous atmosphere of an Austrian New Year's Eve. You can look forward to special highlights at the turn of the year, such as concerts and culinary delights. Please reserve your New Year's Eve stay as early as possible, as this is a very popular time for holidays at the castle. Happy New Year!


Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel

Who says that polo is just a sport you can play in green meadows and in summer days? At the annual Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel, the sports elite gather outside the city every January. The goal of the game is to score a small ball into the opponent's goal with wood rackets--all while riding horses. This experience is linked with many other social events and VIP guests, since Snow Polo is one of the most upscale winter traditions in the region..


“Räuchern” (Fumigation)

Since time immemorial, people in this region have been using smoke and fumigation as a ritual to purify and protect. Immerse yourself in the world of local herbs and resins and be inspired by the diverse fragrances. After a short introduction and explanation you will be shown the smoking utensils, and then you are free to explore and experiment with one of the most beautiful winter customs in Salzburg.



For a hundred years, the traditional Tresterer is performed. There are 3 different "disguises": the “Schirchpercht” (ugly Perchten), the “Schönpercht” (beautiful Perchten - Tresterer), and Hans Wurst.

The Schirchperchten (masked and disguised individuals) with their masks and loud bells are asked to come into hallways or parlors to awaken and raise the evil. Then comes Hans Wurst, who scares away the Schirchperchten and draws a cross on the floor. Finally the first Schönpercht (Tresterer) comes and starts a beautiful dance. As a result, everyone comes together to drive out the evil. Musically, this is framed by clarinets. This tradition means to wish you luck and bless the new year.



St Nicholas was accompanied by angels and a pack of “Krampus”, who are half-goat/half-demon figures. While St Nicholas praises and blames the children, he distributes gifts from his gift basket. The Krampus is traditionally the frightful figure in the company of St Nicholas and therefore frequently encountered during the season of Advent. While Nicholas presents gifts to the good children, the naughty ones are punished by Krampus.


Horse Races

Mittersill: Felbermeilinger field | Every year, up to 2,000 horse enthusiasts get excited about these competitions. You will find horses at national and international competitive levels at the races. Most every year will also have a pony trotting race for the youngest participants, which is most popular with the audience.


More Winter Events in Mittersill and Area

Would you like to experience other Salzburg winter customs up close? We recommend you explore more events in our castle region! You will find current highlights of the next weeks and months below::



Hahnenkamm is acclaimed amongst athletes and ski fans, but why watch the most famous ski race in the world on your TV when you can take the cable car to view it live? On warmer days the Hahnenkamm area offers very diverse hiking possibilities with both easy walking trails and steep mountain tours around the mountain station. Mountain bikers will appreciate the 7.5 km long Fleckalm Trail, which will take you over 1,000 meters in elevation. But also very importantly: there is excellent cuisine and a cosy place to rest when you visit the mountain restaurants and huts.