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Hiking Paradise in Mittersill and Surroundings

Hiking opportunities in region Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden

The region Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden in the province of Salzburg lies amidst the 3,000-meter peaks of the Hohe Tauern and the rolling grassy hills of the Kitzbühel Alps in Austria. There are abundant possibilities to hike and conquer summits, making the hearts of mountaineers and athletes

beat faster. Hiking in Mittersill and the surrounding area promises diverse activities, inspiring guided hikes, countless tours in the region, and attractive quality services for your stay.

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The impressive mountain landscape

Embedded in the two types of mountain ranges of the national park and the grass mountains - Mittersill is geographically ideal for family tours as well as intense alpine hiking or biking tours--the impressive mountain landscape could not be more attractive for all the various levels of activity. Whether you are keen on Nordic walking, forest walks, or easy hikes around Mittersill to crystal clear mountain lakes like Hintersee or Elisabethsee in the Felbertal, or whether you are looking to climb as many mountain peaks as possible--you are guaranteed unforgettable impressions and views on your hiking holiday in Mittersill.

There is a special view from the National Park Panoramic Terrace at around 2,000m above sea level, the "window into the protected area of the Alps". Our romantic mountain lakes, such as the Amertaler See and the Hintersee, will put you in a state of awe and wonder.


Guided hiking tours

We offer six guided hikes in Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden per week during the high season and three guided hikes per week off-season. Our national park rangers and mountain guides look forward to introducing our guests to the secrets of the region and accompanying them on various, exciting hiking tours.



Our offers

Castle hike with hostess Stephanie Busch from Holtum

  • Twice weekly, approx. 30 minutes
  • Suitable for all

Guided hikes with a trained guide

  • Sunday: hike from the forest chapel in Stuhlfelden to the Johannakapelle in Mittersill
  • Monday: hike to Brentling
  • Tuesday: discovery tour at the creek | e-biking to Hollersbachtal and then hiking to Fürther Hütte
  • Wednesday: adventure hike alongside the waterfall path in Untersulzbachtal
  • Thursday: high mountain lakes in the Felbertal (national park ranger hike)
  • Friday: "The smell of fresh bread"-hike alongside the Pirtendorfer valley to the Felberturm museum, where bread will be baked

Our hiking quality services

  • Rental of hiking equipment (rucksacks, poles, rain protection)
  • Hiking map & insider tips from our staff at the reception (who are all local hiking experts)
  • Rental of e-bikes
  • Signposted hiking starting point directly at the castle
  • Overview board with hiking trails of the region
  • Shuttle from the hotel and back
  • Regional hiking bus
  • Folder with information on hiking activities in the region, professional insider tips included
  • Special hiking offers for hiking in Mittersill
  • Varied weekly program
  • Washing and drying room for hiking boots and equipment

Bike & Hike

Combine your hike with a bike ride and vice versa! The unique holiday region Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden is ideal for the athletic combination of hiking and biking. It's this easy: cycle through the valley, park your bike or e-bike safely, and begin your hike to the summit. After your descent, you can comfortably bike back to Schloss Mittersill. The castle team will gladly advise you with professional Bike & Hike tips.

Hiking trails in Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden
You would like to explore the National Park region on your own? Hiking in Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden will give you a variety of activity for all tastes and fitness levels. Please find below the collection of our personal hiking highlights!

Habachtal (Valley of the Emeralds): the Emerald Path (“Smaragdweg”)

The important minerals of the Habachtal’s green sea and the fabled “Venedigermandl” (little Venetians) can be explored on its education and nature trail. The Smaragdweg begins its winding path after the Habachtal bridge through a waterhead area with an extraordinary number of bubbling springs. By walking over a footbridge on a big stone block in the middle of the rowdy river Habach one can experience the wildness of the mountain stream up close. Afterwards, the Smaragdweg leads through gentle, slightly forested pastures. A statue there will tell the legend of the Fazenwand.


With the end of the valley and its glittering glaciers in sight, one can wonderfully explore the geology and the most important rocks of the Habach valley. Of course, the family-friendly Wildkogel Arena also has a children's playground and climbing facilities near the child-friendly guesthouse “Gasthof Enzianhütte”.


The highlight of the Smaragdweg is the moor near the “Gasthaus Alpenrose”. There you can rent the equipment to find and wash emeralds. With a little bit of patience, there is a good chance you may find an emerald! The picturesquely situated pasture Moa-Alm and the small lake Ahornsee conclude the Emerald Path in front of the unique mountain scenery of the Wildkogel Arena.

Walking time:
Enzianhütte: From the Habachtal parking area to the Enzianhütte you should expect to walk for about 1.5 hours - the path is in a very good condition and therefore suitable for strollers.

Gasthof Alpenrose: From the Habachtal parking area you can reach the Alpenrose on foot in about 2 hour.

Would you prefer to enjoy the comfortable version of hiking around Mittersill? No problem, the Smaragdexpress can give you a lift from the Habachtal parking area to the Enzianhütte or Gasthof Alpenrose.

Departure times:
July, August, September: 7.45am, 9am, 10am, 1pm, 1:30pm, 4:30pm
Return: 2pm and 5pm
Pre-booking for taxi: +43 664 3420609

Hiking Mittersill’s landmark mountain “Pihapper”

A most special panorama
Hike from Mittersill to the local, “house mountain” of Mittersill: Pihapper! From there you will have an awe inspiring, fantastic view of the 3000m peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park and the grass mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps!

Length of hike: 11.39 km
Duration: 7-8 hours
Start: Gasthaus Berghof (sufficient parking)

Directions to Gasthaus Berghof:
Start: Schloss Mittersill, Thalbach 1, 5730 Mittersill
Destination: Gasthof Berghof, Reitlehen 22, 5731 Hollersbach im Pinzgau

Smaller tour:
If you do not want to climb the entire Pihapper, you can turn around at the top of the “Platte”--a clearing with a star--after enjoying the spectacular view of Mittersill and the valley there. You can also hike back to Mittersill directly from the clearing. This route is signposted well and we will gladly call a taxi to take you back to the castle. t

Alongside river Salzach to artisanal village Hollersbach

After walking the castle path downhill to Mittersill, you will arrive at the bank “Volksbank” after which you will cross the railroad and the bridge. Right before the optician “Maurer” there is a small path to the right--which will take you all the way to Hollersbach. Whether it is in the summer or winter, you can enjoy an easier, but wonderfully scenic walk.

You will have the options of either going as far as Hollersbach and back again, turning back halfway in Rettenbach, or going up the mountain slightly in Rettenbach and walking back to Mittersill via a loop trail.


  • Refreshments:
    Café Lounge (Mittersill), Pub Café Kramer (Hollersbach), Hotel Kaltenhauser (H), Bakery Café Ensmann (M + H), Gasthof Sahnealm (H), Restaurant Seestube (H)
  • Attractions:
    Our Pinzgauer local train also runs alongside the river. In Hollersbach we would suggest you visit the Klausnerhaus and its National Park museum.
  • Requirements: sturdy shoes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Duration: one way approx. 1-2 h

Walking from Mittersill to archery village Stuhlfelden

After walking the castle path downhill to Mittersill, you will walk through Mittersill to Felben after crossing the railroads. Once there, you can walk the bike path along the Mittersill golf course to Stuhlfelden. Enjoy the ambience of the beautiful landscape with its numerous attractions.


  • Refreshments:
    Bräurup, Golf Restaurant, Gasthof Flatscher, Pizzeria | Restaurant Hörfarter
  • Attractions:
    Churches Pfarrkirche Mittersill, Annakirche, and Felberkirche; Felber museum, golf course, and castle Schloss Labach Wilhelmsdorf
  • Requirements: sturdy shoes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Duration: one way approx. 1-2 h

Alongside Sonnberg mountain to Hochmoor

Walk past Neidhäusl and then up towards Sonnberg, following the path according to the yellow signs towards Hochmoor. You will see breathtaking views of Mittersill, the mountains, and the landscape of Pinzgau.

On your way you will pass numerous farms, were you can purchase some of their homemade products (some of which are honey, sausages, bread, jam, and milk).

Some wonderful time later you will arrive at the famous moor Wasenmoos, where our national park rangers also offer guided tours. You can customize your day with a stop at a nearby restaurant or inn.

On the way back you can hike on foot towards Mittersill, by bus or, upon agreement, with our hotel shuttle.


  • Refreshments:
    Christinen Hochmoorstüberl, Gasthof Tauernblick, Restaurant | Café | Bar Sunnseit, Berghotel Breitmoos, Mooralm
  • Attractions:
    a stunning landscape, Wasenmoos, Hochmoorloipe, Panoramabahn
  • Requirements: sturdy shoes, basic stamina and fitness
  • Difficulty: easy-medium
  • Duration: one way approx. 2-3 h

Habachtal and Hollersbachtal

The wide Hollersbachtal, also called "Valley of the Alpine pastures", is the starting point for several exciting hiking trails. We suggest two special highlights:

Neue Fürther Hütte
This is a great challenge for experienced hikers! There is a path alongside the mountain stream from the parking lot, which continues through the forest, that takes you to the Edelweißhütte. If you keep to the left of the cable car in serpentines you will arrive at a large stone statue. This is the perfect place for a break, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent view of the Weißenecktal. With a little luck, you may even see capricorns, chamois, as well as bearded and white-headed vultures. After another 40 minute hike you should reach the mountain hut/inn with the crystal-clear lake Kratzenbergsee in its immediate vicinity..

Duration: 2 hours from the parking lot to the Edelweißhütte, then another 3.5 hours to the Neue Fürther Hütte.

From Habachtal to Thüringer Hütte
This hike around Mittersill is for those with good fitness levels! The tour from Habachtal to Thüringerhütte should take 5.5 hours. The hike is long, although not all too strenuous. The landscape and the view, however, are inspiring! From the Moa Alm you will hike towards the valley. A short, slightly steeper section will lead you uphill in serpentines, then flatten towards the new Thüringerhütte, which you reach after about 3 hours. The way back takes significantly less time.


When hiking from Mittersill to Hintersee, there are countless paths that lead you to some of the most beautiful huts and mountain lakes in the region. Two ways have been particularly appealing to us:

Hintersee and Lake Balaton with St. Pöltener hut
Leave your car at the parking lot at Hintersee--1,313 m above sea level, about 12 km south of Mittersill. After a short detour hike to waterfall Scheierfall in the valley, you will head towards the St. Pöltener Hütte. The steep path leads over the Geißstein summit and after 3 km meets the path Trudentalweg. A short detour to the lake Plattachsee will offer you magnificent views! The way back will lead you via Schleierfall and Trudental. Attention: the last part of the trail is quite steep!

Duration: approx. 4 hours

The Schösswendklamm
The long, relatively narrow path takes you in about 2.5 hours from the parking lot at Hintersee to Schösswendklamm. This natural treasure in the valley basin of the Felbertal reveals fascinating boiler and funnel-shaped depressions. Walking alongside the path towards the gorge, you will pass pastures and clearings with various grazing animals--it’s ideal for families!


This suggestion for a hike around Mittersill is of the more demanding kind: the path to Resterkogel leads over 684m meters in elevation with both easier and more steep sections. These 3.5 hours from the way Arnoweg on the Pass Thurn to almost 2,000m are especially suitable for more experienced mountaineers. However, hiking the Resterkogel is absolutely worth it: it will show you the dreamy panorama of 3,000m-peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park.


A small panoramic circular route leads in two hours through the heart of the holiday region Hohe Tauern National Park - hiking near Mittersill for gourmets, so to speak. With the Sommerbergbahn it goes to the mountain station Resterhöhe, then briefly downhill to the reservoir lake and left on the Hanglhöhe and Hartkaserhöhe. The destination of your hike is the Panorama Alm with a short stop before crossing the alpine path back to the mountain station.


Hiking in Mittersill for athletes and experienced hikers: the Gaisstein near Stuhlfelden requires a high degree of fitness and good technique. In the 4.5 hour hike there are steep uphill and downhill sections towards the summit cross. The hike starts off via the Bürglhütte Stuhlfelden, then continues uphill steadily - it’ll be a right and a left-turn before you reach the summit. You will soon realize why this is one of the highest grass mountains in Europe. The view at 2,362m above sea level compensates for all sweat!